Do you know your Forms, Kicks, and Basic Movements?

How is your sparring technique? Blue belts and above should know their Taekwondo language. How loud is your Ki-Hop? It’s time for Color Belt Testing. This is your chance to advance to your next belt level. Practice at home and put your best effort forward.


All Belts – During class time 

PARENTS: All applications and payments should be turned in to Master Nam on or before Wednesday, May 26th. 

No regular class for non-testing students: May 27 – 29.


Did you know you can watch videos to perfect your forms? We also have a page dedicated to Taekwondo Language that we use in class. You can hear Grand Master Nam speak numbers and phrases we use during class.

Just knowing your forms and kicks is not enough; you have to show effort. Your movements should be strong and precise. For more tips; take a look at our TESTING PREPARATIONS.